Build the Vision Updates - 3 Modular Classrooms Project


Stage One Complete

Purchased delivered and installed - $27,300

Amazing, Praise God!!!  In a mere 30 days your radical generosity has allowed New Hope's Trustees to complete Stage One of purchasing, transporting, installing, and anchoring three 24' X 44' Modular Classrooms from Orlando, FL to New Hope's main campus.  Your sacrificially giving will influence not only our generation of young people and students but the next one as well!

These three modular classrooms will afford the following:

The Ignite Youth Ministry will finally have access to their own multipurpose spacious modulars; one for Middle School aged youth and another for High School aged youth.

The Kid's Kingdom Children's and Preschool Ministries will utilize the third modular classroom for weekend school and a Kid's Church Space.

Providing dedicated spaces for New Hope's youth will allow New Hope to do some light renovating to the existing Fellowship Hall and turn it into a cafe style space, wired for sound, lighting, video projection, and internet.  This space would provide an area for drama productions and overflow during weekend services.

Stage Two - The Next Step

Financial Need to Complete Stage Two - Goal: To Raise $60,000 for New Hope's Completion of this Project

A MATCHING GIFT of $20,000 for the purchase of this modular classroom project has been made available to New Hope.  The donor will match your generous financial gift dollar for dollar that is given to New Hope for this project until December 31, 2013.  Your prayers and financial gifts can make a difference.

Estimated Costs to Complete Stage Two

Estimated Cost            Purpose
City Permit Fee
Building Permit Fee
Walkways, Ramps
Painting, Repairs, Upgrades
Misc. Expenses



Plan Your Giving

3 Steps to Determine My Faith Committment

Step 1:  Pray and Wait on God - This is the fist and most important step in preparing your heart to respond to God's invitation to participate.  See His will.  If applicable, talk and pray with your children and spouse.

Step 2:  Prepare - God has entrusted each of us with different amounts of resources and capacities to generate financial income.  He may lead you to consider giving cash from savings, from your tax refunds, reduce your expenses, or defer a major purchase as ways for you to give.

Step 3:  Expect God's Movement - Trust that He will provide what He impresses upon you to give, even if it's greater than the resources you can readily identify or expect.

Stage One Project Gallery