New Hope Community Church Planting Internship

We believe in planting healthy, missional churches that reproduce. New Hope is a young church, but we are also committed to helping other new churches get started. We will be a church planting church. Our hope is to have a team of potential church planting resident interns living in our City with us all the time. Our vision is to focus on starting new churches by reproducing leaders, small groups, campuses and churches.

In fact, we believe in church planting so much that we have committed to setting aside 10% of our general offering to support church plants both locally and internationally.

New Hope is a growing church in the Southwest Florida area. Here are some of the evidence of God's grace in our midst...

  • 41 more people surrender their lives to Jesus and were baptized this year.
  • New Hope gave over $70,000 to overseas missions, church planting, compassion ministries and community outreaches
  • New Hope Ignite Youth Ministry alone raised over $15,000 through many fundraisers for their Mission Team trip to Belize to be the hands and feet of Jesus to vulnerable children in need.
  • Large level of commitment with over25 people taking on roles of leadership & an overwhelming faithful participation of over 100 servant-volunteers ministering at New Hope as a result of our new "School of Equipping" and discipleship initiative.  

New Hope is committed to training future church leadership through an internship program that exposes candidates to real-time experiences in day-to-day ministry. Interns will gain experience in practical theological development, church planting foundations, leadership, as well as self-designed areas of focus. The internship program compliments a seminarian's academic journey and provides practical experience and continuing education forpeople who are considering full-time ministry as a second career.

This is a position for people who want to be in career ministry and be on a church planting team or possibly lead a start-up church in the future. Work will include starting groups for non-Christians and possibly a worship service down the road.You will be mentored by a seasoned church planter. If you do not want to be a part of or start a church or have an aversion to hard work and risk then this is not for you!

If you do want to be a part of or start a church or have an affinity to hard work and risk, fill out an application; click here!


Rev. Eddie DeJesus
Church Planter/Lead Teaching Pastor