Neighborhood Life Growth Groups

The Vision of the Neighborhood Life Ministry

We envision a community in which New Hope Community Church is not just a building where people go to church but a community in which New Hope is the church in the community– devoted to thinking, acting and being like Jesus. Our hope through Neighborhood Life is to simplify peoples' lives by giving them the freedom to grow and serve together as a community. The expressions and experiences of each neighborhood will be different depending on the unique passions and gifts of the people there. (Matthew 22: 37-40, Matthew 28: 18-20, Acts 2: 42– 47)

Everyone involved at New Hope is invited to belong to a Neighborhood. Literally, this Neighborhood will include others who live in the same geographical neighborhood as you. We invite you to join us by getting involved in a Neighborhood Dinner; if you have not received an invitation from a Neighborhood Host family to join a dinner, please contact the church office. These Neighborhood Dinners will include 4- 6 individuals/families, gathering together monthly around the table in each others homes, for a meal and fellowship.

As the year, and relationships progress, we encourage those within the Neighborhoods to take opportunities to grow in their faith. Growth Groups and Discipleship Groups will be meeting throughout North Port during three semesters for 8 – 12 weeks at a time, to study and grow together. The three semesters are Winter/Spring Semester Feb. thru Apr., Summer Semester Jun. thru Aug., and Fall/Winter Semester Oct. thru Dec. The varying topics will come from the following areas: Bible 101, Grow & Go Discipleship, Marriage and Family, Restoration and Stewardship. Everyone will be welcome to join any of the classes that will be going on. Your Neighborhood Hosts will help by informing you of what the Growth Groups will be studying and when and where they and the Discipleship Groups will meet.

And lastly, as our faith and relationships grow, we want to offer you opportunities to serve. These service/volunteer opportunities may include anything from, serving during the weekend services, to providing a meal to a neighbor, to visiting someone in the hospital, as well as serving with a group of others on various community service projects. Service opportunities may be offered anywhere from your neighborhood, to the city, to the state or even across the world on a short term mission project. Again, your Neighborhood Hosts will help by informing you of the opportunities as they arise.We have been very excited to launch off Neighborhood Life! It’s amazing to see how God took a handful of devoted people back in 2004 who had a vision and passion for North Port, and has now grown New Hope Community Church into a family of over 300 individuals. We believe Neighborhood Life is the optimal place for life change similar to the experience of the early church where spiritual development and outreach happened right where you live.

By building genuine friendships with both New Hope and non New Hope neighbors
By growing spiritually as a natural part of your everyday life
By responding to the needs of others in your neighborhood and beyond